Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lemon Sugar Scrubs -DIY

How to make a Lemon Body Scrub
Sugar you choose
olive or almond oils
Canning Jars or Container that closes
I have placed the sugar ( i chose White)
Grate your lemon or use a zester
Place lemon with the sugar and mix well

After placing the lemon and sugar add oil til mixture is moist
mix together completely

Let mixture sit for about 30 minutes and check oil level
there should be minimal oils at top of the mixture

Its hard to see but this where the oil will seperate
DoNot Leave alot of excess

Place Scrub into containers.
I use 4 oz Canning Jars, but i do not seal them
this is your choice.

Then Wrap according to what you need
These are great Body Scrubs for your face and whateve
Great exfoliant, and feels awesome!!!
Excellent to make at home yourself or you can purchase through me
and make great Gifts

WaLa Final Product

Lemon Body Scrubs

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to try this... Skin has been dry lately due to antibiotics I've been taking.

Lisa Townsend said...

It should work great
if you want something to use daily
The goats milk soap makes a huge difference