Country Livin', Country Style!

Our Goose
she has had her wing broke and is doing fine

loves her water

Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be a few things posted here and a few things removed and updated from time to time
So if looking for past items please email and request to see if possible
Lilfeather Lisa

New at Country Livin Today 4/30/2012
Soap/Lotion Dispensars with Kerr or Ball Jar
They are great for decor
and look great in Kitchen


Mason Stemware  4/14/2012

Mason Stem Ware
Multiple ways to decorate
Also Here i have Created a LightCover for the Porch with a Quart Jar
It actually improves the lighting on the porch
and looks a little rustic

Recylcle and Upcycle!

Soap And Lotion Dispensars are Available
In Red And Blue
Get Yours Today

Thanks for coming By

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