Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feed Bag Totes

Well its been a great weekend and here is a idea i put together
I spent some time doing crafty things and research this weekend.
I have created some Flockraiser Feed Totes
Love Them
There Recyled feed bags Cleaned and then Handstitched with Sinew
I then Add leftover handles from older bags that are worn out
or add Fabrics to Complete Handles there are Open tops as Shown Here
or they can come like a purse or drawstring even.

This is a simple plain Craft and recycling also
Even Better

We dont always buy feed from feed store for our birds but at times
or friends will give us bags as well as Egg cartons
They are great friends and Neighbors.

This is Side view above.
Im not great at sewing
but a hand stictch is good to hold

Have a Great Day

Happy Crafting!

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