Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Ta Da!

Its Tuesday...........
As you can see from above I have a New Header
and I am the Creator How Spectaculer.  I learned how to create these and am loving it now
I can customize my whole blog to my individuality now
Cant wait to see the finalization to this
Keep watching to find out
Learning all kinds of new stuff about scrapping, stampin, and lots more. 
 WhooHoo... This is fun.  Also learning on Blog information.
Searching for Creating Blog on internet and how to create graphics
So I learned how to create your own blog button.
This is wonderful to be able to create your own little buttons
Create your own Image and then put to photo software and basically TA DA youve got a button
Couldnt believe it was about that easy.
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish i could or would have started sooner but then again Kids and working out of home doesnt allow for much, so now Homebound and Craftbound
See ya Soon!
Happy Crafting
I will post a few of my own as we go today
This is my Valetines Button to all bloggers
if interested please follow and then you may recieve post a comment letting me know if you would like a button for yourself to post like this.

I am learning how to put stamps blocks on as I had never done this before.
The stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop are great you put a Acrylic Block and then ready To Use
TA DA!! Now you add ink And Stamp away....
Thanks again Sweet Stamp Shop
:) looking forward to getting some more too.  Should have pictures of this soon too.

Momenta Order is arrivng Soon, i just can stand it no Longer.

This next one is for the Soaps we make at home
if interested in placing on blog or whatnot
please feel free to comment that and contact
We will get you one asap
Dont Forget to Stop on By Townsendslilvalley Goats to like there page
when reach 200 there giving away Awesome Sugar Scrub or Milk Bath

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Madness

Welcome Friends,  this monday has been a busy one.  My car is in shop and wont be ready til end of week. I get to drive my daughters car..  How fun, boy makes her real happy
She had a Winter Dance this weekend and her boyfriend Jaden took her  I have to admit they looked really Cute together. 

Next is Sydnie and Jaden

I dont know what happened it seems like there was something on the front of the camera

They had a great time and do look like a Cute Couple

Rosey has decided to give me a run for my money considering she is not use to me home all day
She is used to daddy and mommy is just a CHEW toy - LOl Dont think So

Rosey is a PitBull and is Adorable we love her as our new addition last Thanksgiving

But as all my errands are done today and im back at my little home

I was happy to have recieved my Giveaway item from Sweet Stamp Shop

Thanks Much
Just love it  - cant wait to use in the next few days

Also waiting on my order form Momenta
Just waiting to do some Cute Scrappin

Have a Great Monday Evening Everyone as My MONDAY MADNESS has come to an end!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kiss Card

Good Morning Bloggers,
Its saturday & I have  a simple card idea for some

This is regular Cardstock blue

Feathers from my parrots
Ribbon bought from Hairbow Supplies

Sweet little Kiss Card for a loved one

I have some more DYO Stickers and waiting on my Momenta order now
Cant wait 2 make more

Have a Great Weekend All!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Doggie Love!!

This is a cute way to make doggie love treats
You can make them in no time at all

They consist of
Peanut Butter
Rolled Oats
Whole wheat Flour
and Hot Water
Using cookie cutters to shape them if you would like

I made mostly hearts this time for Vday of Course
Some Bears, horses, and angels too

The kids would love to make these with you also
and even better its a treat for your pet

Pine Needle Baskets

This is a small Pine Needle Basket
I collect Pine Needles throughout the year and then dampen
They are easy to work with
Pine Needles dried and Sinew.
You take small bunches of needles and create a round bottom
wrapping with Sinew for Security
Then you add small bunches all they way around and up in order to acheive a
small basket
This one is not liquid proof
But they can be made this way
I like the black sinew as it stands out
also Raffia may be used and dyed
Creating nice tight basket that can be used for Rings, Earrings,
or Other Small trinkets

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gift Bags

These little gift bags are great for my soaps at Townsends lil valley
They fit up to 4 Soaps just perfect
 These are from
Do it Yourself Stickers at Momenta
These are free ones that I received and then printed myself
They are great for that last minute need
Or just for anything

The Recipients definitely loved them and asked where they could get some
I do not remember Product code
and the twinery twine is always nice for looks

Can use little ribbons or buttons for added look

Giveaway` Townsends Lil Valley~

Hello this wonderful Wednesday afternoon
Sunny and cool
But of Course Beautiful
I am asking if you would pass on

we are a small home business raising
Pygmys and making Homemade Soaps, Scrubs, Milk Baths, and lots more
Would love to see more fans

When likes reach 200 we will giveaway ` 1 free Sugar Scrub
Thanks and look forward to meeting more of you


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Momenta D-Lite Announcement

This is so exciting to say but I am a part of this team and looking forward to working with everyone.

Thanks to Momenta  What an Awesome way to start the new year, being new to Blogging and all

Introducing Our D-Lite Team!

We are so excited to announce the new D-Lite team!

This team is in addition to our 2012 Design Team. The D-Lite team will be responsible for providing feedback on products, helping us ensure that every product meets our high standards for quality and design as well as providing insight to help us shape what our future products are! They will also be sharing their creations as inspiration for all of us!

Introducing the 2012 D-Lite Team:

Congratulations girls!
Please join me in welcoming the first ever D-Lite Team!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Great for Crafts and More

The Twinery  now awesome New Colors so go over and check them out when you get a chance.
Great for gifts, crafts, and lots more

Goat Milk Soaps Ready for Valetines Day!

These are small 2 oz Heart Soaps
Gardenia, and Oatmeal
Ready for that Special Someone of yours
They smell great and feel great on your skin
10 % Goats Milk
Safflower, palm, and olive oil
Fragrance and slight coloring

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Bloggers
Its 2012
Let the year begin with some fun crafts
Pics coming soon