Friday, April 20, 2012

*****Topsy Turvy Gardening****** Earth Day 2012

Gardening - With Lisa

Dont Forget Earth Day
what a great day to wake up and hear the birds singing, and the air rustle through the leaves and trees.
To be able to see another wonderful day

I have created a blog button for myself
I love to help recycle and its even better when I can reuse
So please feel free to display this button if you would like
I would appreciate a link back to this posting please
Thanks for sharing and caring
I am happy to share some gardening ideas I have and have implemented in my newly found garden area.
I have created some Topsy Turvy Planters
Easy peasy
You start with a piece of rebar and pound into the ground where you want the planter to be
Placing the largest planter in the ground,
then placing others above of different size or shape to create the topsy turvy effect and dont put them all one direction.
Here i have started a planter with a Suzy Bell Crate - Wood

This one is challenging to me .....Wish me Luck Here.

These 2 have been primed with some leftover green paint and will be painted and planted soon this week.
Update - i got a deal on some plants this weekend
3 of these for about the price of 1 1/2


There are petunias, daisys, marigolds, Dhalias, Tulips, Iriss, and lots more growing here
Seeds are Awesome little critters
Pics with new blooms and finished Topsy turvy will be after mothers Day Due to Weather Restirictions  -FYI
I have been using recycled barrels and planters.
Dont forget to Reuse Recycle and Volunteer
Thanks for Joining Me this Fab Friday
Have a Great Weekend

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