Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend!

Hoppy Easter !
Hope everyone Enjoyed Friends and Family and there selves this weekend
We had a great one and today will be even more enjoyable
My oldest was guaranteed a bed at college and date is set
Oh Boy, she is moving out to college in August
What shall a mother Do
Try to Relax and Enjoy??
I have created a load of candles this weekend
using all my excess jars on premises to create wonderful clean burning smelling candles
I am using Soy Wax and this burns cleaner and leaves no black soot on your walls or candle jars.
This is better for say an asthmatic person or someone with allergies
They are handpoured and then jarred and decorated

They are 4oz and bigger and start @ $5 each burning 12 hours or more
Please feel free to contact if interested
Most of these pictured above are 12 oz or larger and will burn at least 20 hours
if not more
and will burn til last drop wax gone
I also have some with these really cool tops
They have cutouts and stay on as Candles Burn

I also have a created a very cute Dish Soap Dispensar This weekend with the help of hubby creating the right size hole for the pieces Ya Hubby!  Love ya Lotz

Pretty Cool?
Pin It????

Old Good Seasons Bottle For Dressing
Found this and decided this would be neat
I created a hole in the top to attach coupler and the pump and Wa La
it works as a dispensar, Great Recycled use for this Bottle
And Looks really Cute also
Good Seasons Bottle
Drill and Drill Bit or Knife to cut out
Pump with Collar

Thanks For Stopping by today and Have a Great Week Its Spring Break For us and That means Kids, Kids, Teenagers, and Oh MY

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