Thursday, April 26, 2012

Takeout Box Deco

Takeout Box Deco

Hello Friends and Followers
Glad to have you come by today

I am proud to share with you some Deoration Idea I have had for some Upcoming parties
I also have a upcoming 100th blogpost for Candy soon too
So maybe these will be nice also
I am upset to say i didnt have the right size sandwiches for my Sizzix this time and was unable to cut this with My New Machine.
Wa Wa
I decided not to wait any longer and be creative
I traced them and created my own pattern
Edges arent as nice or perfect
But hey I managed
I have used some GCD papers
they are kinda cool
Like a Bandana

These will be fab as a decoration and party favor 2 in 1
I will load these little guys up with candies and some special gifts.
This paper is great it lets you show 2 colors and 4 colors pretty awesome
I traced, cut out and glued them together
Now piecing the takeouts together and placing a handle on them
They are ready for lettering or #'s
whatever your little heart desires

This next one is showing the lace on the one box also

Now I have added a Sentiment for the Party post

This is a takeout box for my 100th Blog Post candy
I wanted to cut with My Sizzix Big Shot So bad but my extra long boards had not come in yet
Momenta #s form Great Outdoors Set

Thanks for stopping by today
Dont forget to come by on the 1st for 100th blog post candy
would love to see and hear some xoxo from you and some new followers
I love these boxes and i hope you do too


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