Thursday, March 1, 2012

Momenta Great Outdoors - Around The Campfire

Good Morning Blogging World
I have created a layout today for you
I love being part of the Momenta D-Lite team
It is a great way to get to know products and see what they offer and to make suggestions from my opinions to them
so anyway off we go
This Layout is Done with Momenta Great Outdoor Set 500 Pieces

This is our favorite camping Spot
The girls and I love it here
we love to play in creeks, waterfalls, grassy lands, and of course the Dirt
This is time spend during campfire hours
Girls are a blast to watch

These are the girls playing around after dinner and just relaxing being girls camping

I have used Twine in the title for some added color
The mandarin Twine
Love all Twine...hehe

The girls love to play with there marshmallow sticks as always gotto stick em dirt and hit each other
Typical kids
Gotta Love Em
and Yes I do

Stop by momenta and check out there Set and Kits they are great
have a spectacular day


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