Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial - With Scrapbook Stamp Society

Welcome this
totally tutorial Tuesday
I am happy to share with you as a part of Scrapbook Stamp Society
Design Team

Today i am sharing
a technique i use for Creating small
Soap or fresh lavendar bags
You can tea dye things and
I am sharing a couple with you
This is the plain bag i created

These are topper pre colored Images from
Scrapbook Stamp Society
Print and cut
I am creating some seed bags and gifts
Dino topper
is Dino Eggs ( little chocolates )  OOOps i noticed the G is missing LOL

and The next one is
For Princess Seeds
Imagine that
below is the bag i have created my own colors with and they are great for little gifts or seed bags
Taking the cloth bag
adding it to a bowl with food color and then let sit for a period of time
rinsing and drying the bag for the distressed effect

Now with
personalized Stamp
From PSa Essentials

now this cloth bag is ready for your
Fresh Summer Lavendar
or Seeds from your favorite
Vegetables, fruits or Flowers
Your Choice
Hope you like
And please if you give this a try let me see how they come out
This could be part of the red white and blue challenge I am hosting til the July and will post winner
On the 4th Please Join Me!

lisa lilfeathers


G8country life said...

I might have to try this Lisa. Specially the Dino-Eggs all kids would like those. Love your tutorial, thanks : )

Bee and Dee said...

Great tutorial will give it a try. Hugs Bee

febe said...

This is worth a try :)

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Joann Burton said...

Good tutorial Lisa. Great job. I love the "Dino Eggs." joann sassy raggedy