Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial #7 - Reusable Gift Tag

Its a Terrific Tuesday
I am here to share a Tutorial
Today I am making some Tags for gift
You can also make larger scale paper if you would like using  a frame for your
shape and amount

Supplies Needed:
 Cookie Cutters
Flower Seeds

Placing you paper in the Blender and adding water to mix the up creating a mush but not soaked
the little pieces will smash together and then you can take them out and form your tag inside the Cutter on the screen
Screen Size Depends on how many and what size you are making

When in cutters press down on paper to press together and to release excess water
When done with this
Place them to dry 24 hours or more at times
The Picture below shows a finished tag made with newspaper and scrap print papers
I have added some Twine to hang from gift bag

When giving your gift make sure recipient knows that should plant there tag and water
and wait for some Special Flowers
a Gift that Gives More Than Once
thanks for coming by today

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febe said...

Thanks for sharing the tutorial. :)

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