Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gardening Weekend!! - Mothers Day!


Bleeding Heart

Seeds, Grass, Flowers. and Veggies
Oh MY!
Comfrey Below:

How fun
I enjoyed my time off this week
I did some work
cutting grass as the riding mower as taken a back seat for now

Couldnt Resisit This one my wonderful 6 year old
Catahoula Mix

i also have placed the awesome beds My Hubby Created into the new garden area
and as of now
Corn, Cherry tomatoe, Bell Peppers, Artichoke, and Tomatoes
are in Spot.
Love to see it all come together
I have a little old windmill that i have painted and created a cute deco for a while
Also placed some planters at different heights and painted also
Love gardening
waiting to work on fence for enclosure next also
Lots of Lots Of Lots
Dirt, compost and fill
Imagine wanting and creating dirt and of course
Hard Work
This is my red white and Blue Windmill

and planters to match

and here is the garden area that has begun

beds above and below some individuals

The terra cotta pots create what is called Topsy Turvy and the one next to it is an ole Suzy Bell Box
with Zuchinni and Beans growing in it
The bathtub has beans and aspargus planted
Wish us Luck
Happy Mothers Day to All Out There
You Deserve It
Lisa T

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