Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Ta Da!

Its Tuesday...........
As you can see from above I have a New Header
and I am the Creator How Spectaculer.  I learned how to create these and am loving it now
I can customize my whole blog to my individuality now
Cant wait to see the finalization to this
Keep watching to find out
Learning all kinds of new stuff about scrapping, stampin, and lots more. 
 WhooHoo... This is fun.  Also learning on Blog information.
Searching for Creating Blog on internet and how to create graphics
So I learned how to create your own blog button.
This is wonderful to be able to create your own little buttons
Create your own Image and then put to photo software and basically TA DA youve got a button
Couldnt believe it was about that easy.
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish i could or would have started sooner but then again Kids and working out of home doesnt allow for much, so now Homebound and Craftbound
See ya Soon!
Happy Crafting
I will post a few of my own as we go today
This is my Valetines Button to all bloggers
if interested please follow and then you may recieve post a comment letting me know if you would like a button for yourself to post like this.

I am learning how to put stamps blocks on as I had never done this before.
The stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop are great you put a Acrylic Block and then ready To Use
TA DA!! Now you add ink And Stamp away....
Thanks again Sweet Stamp Shop
:) looking forward to getting some more too.  Should have pictures of this soon too.

Momenta Order is arrivng Soon, i just can stand it no Longer.

This next one is for the Soaps we make at home
if interested in placing on blog or whatnot
please feel free to comment that and contact
We will get you one asap
Dont Forget to Stop on By Townsendslilvalley Goats to like there page
when reach 200 there giving away Awesome Sugar Scrub or Milk Bath

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Betty said...

I am also learning this blogger stuff and I would love to learn to make buttons and headers and all that good stuff ...Betty