Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Madness

Welcome Friends,  this monday has been a busy one.  My car is in shop and wont be ready til end of week. I get to drive my daughters car..  How fun, boy makes her real happy
She had a Winter Dance this weekend and her boyfriend Jaden took her  I have to admit they looked really Cute together. 

Next is Sydnie and Jaden

I dont know what happened it seems like there was something on the front of the camera

They had a great time and do look like a Cute Couple

Rosey has decided to give me a run for my money considering she is not use to me home all day
She is used to daddy and mommy is just a CHEW toy - LOl Dont think So

Rosey is a PitBull and is Adorable we love her as our new addition last Thanksgiving

But as all my errands are done today and im back at my little home

I was happy to have recieved my Giveaway item from Sweet Stamp Shop

Thanks Much
Just love it  - cant wait to use in the next few days

Also waiting on my order form Momenta
Just waiting to do some Cute Scrappin

Have a Great Monday Evening Everyone as My MONDAY MADNESS has come to an end!

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