Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello , its Sunday the 17th and we are at day 9 with
Amish Friendship Bread
today we are mixing with non metal spoon
and tomorrow we will add and then seperate for a starter, bake a loaf and then
give a couple to some friends
Cant wait to try this Bread
I have been impressed with the way it rises and falls throughout the days time
I thought for sure it would overflow, but this has yet to happen
I will place the handouts in a 1 gallon bag and attach instructions for
friends if they wish to continue
Will be trying some other types soon also
Here below are some pics from day 5 when adding flour, sugar, and warm milk
Thanks for stopping by today
Feel free to leave comments and Suggestions
and have a Super Sunday!!
Townsends Lil Valley

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